• Ready for this years wheat harvesting seasion? It's closer than you think.

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Heinrichs Harvesting

Davenport, Nebraska - Bakersfield, California

We are a custom harvesting company(custom cutters) located in Davenport, Nebraska. We have been time tested with 40 years of being in the business. We start our harvesting season in West Central Texas cutting a wheat trail going north throught the texas panhndel, colorado & up into Montana where we harvest just miles from the Canadian/American border. From there we couninute back to Nebraska to finish our season harvesting corn & beans and finaly prepairing for the next harvesting season.

Heinrichs Harvesting is FOR HIRE!

Heinrichs Harvesting is currently looking for wheat to harvest in Texas, Colorado & Oklahoma. Call Tom Heinrichs @ (402) 364-2468 to learn more and to get Heinrichs Harvesting (The Right Choice) to harvest your crops.